Character Reference Letter Template – Format, Sample & Example

A character reference letter is one of those important documents or the letters, which can decide the fate of such person for whose character the reference is being made.

The reason behind that is simple and straight that the Character letter is only required at the crucial places such as at the place of job, legal trial or any such other sensitive places. This is the reason why the character letter is written after considering all the relevant facts.

Today in this article we are going to discuss the various aspects of this letter, and urge you to read the whole article in order to be aware with all those aspects in a good manner.

Character Reference Letter Format

The format also holds the significance importance, since it is said that in the character letter what matters is the way that how it is being said, rather what is actually being said. 

Here the format or the way of representation for the content of this letter comes into the existence. The format of the character reference must be designed in such a way, that it can convey all the different aspects of the concerned person’s character in a different section.

It would make the job easy for the reader of that character letter, and would also leave a good impression on such reader’s mind.

How to write a Character Reference letter 

How to write a Character Reference letter 


Well this is probably the most sought query by the plenty of the people who want to write a letter for Character, but are having no idea as to how should they actually get started with it. We would here clear some basic facts or points about writing the letter, which we believe would surely help you in this regard. 

Keep in your mind that the first purpose of writing this letter is to recommend the concerned person in such a way that the purpose of making this character reference gets served. So, for that purpose, you must include all the positive traits of the candidate’s personality for whom you are going to make this letter.

Here you should first start by expressing or mentioning your relationship with the person for whom this letter is being written. It will make a good impression since it will explain the status of relationship with the person with you, and we know that the person who is writing the character letter must be related with the person for whom the reference letter is being written as only this way the person may know the other well.

Now in the main body of the character letter, you should include the strong personality points about the person, for whom the reference is being made.

This strong point should be made in the context of work ethics of the person so that it may leave an impression for that concerned person in the mind of the third person, to whom the reference is being made and that person can assume the candidate well suited for the purpose. 

In the third and the last part of this letter, you should provide your own contact information, so that the third person may contract you in the future in the context of the person, for whom you had written this letter. It also leaves a great impression of trust in the mind of the person to whom the character reference is to be made.

Sample Character Reference Letter Example

Free Character Reference Letter Example


Free Character letter example could be anything where any person who knows a person’s character well makes a recommendation about that particular person to some other third concerned person.

Here the third concerned person could be anyone, for example, it could be an employer who is having some job vacancies in his/her organization and seeking a candidate for the concerned job.

Now here the employer puts one condition in the concern of the job and the condition is about the character reference of the candidate who is applying for the job. This character reference has to be made from the third person, who knows the candidate well and can make the reference about the work ethical policies of the candidate. 

The purpose of this character letter reference is simple that is ensuring the employer, that the person for whom the character reference has been made actually deserves the job profile. This is the reason why this letter is demanded by the majority of the employers. 

Sample 1. Character Reference Letter for a Friend

Character Reference Letter for a friend



Character letter for a friend is the letter which is used when an individual needs to make a reference in the context of his/her friend’s character. There may be certain situations when you might need to make a reference for the character of your friend’s character to any third party, which could be the employment agency or the legal trial. 

In this letter, you can mention the character of your friend in such a way, that it could deliver all the traits of your friend’s character to the other party. It may really help your friend in the concerned purpose, which could be anything depending upon the situation. 

Sample 2. Character Reference Letter for Job

As the name suggests the character letter for the job is the letter which is written in the context of the job. The character letter for a job is written when the employer, who is offering the job demands for the character approval of the person who has applied for the job. This approval of character for that concerned person is made to the employer from the other third person who knows the candidate well.

Character Reference Letter for Job


This character letter for a job is having huge popularity in the corporate sector, since there this is demanded there almost by every company, hence you should also keep your letter handy while applying for the job there. 

Sample 3. Character Reference Letter for Court

Free Character Reference Letter Example


This letter is used at the numbers of places and court is one of those places where it is used. This letter is used in the context of the court when there is any person whose character needs to be addressed to the court by any third person who knows the concerned person in a good manner. 

The court is the place where the judgment is passed for the plenty of the matters, for example, it could be in the context of the murder, robbery, or any such crime. There come the times when the character of the person must be justified by any known person, in order to make the judgment for such a person.

This is when the letter for court comes into existence and you can use it to serve such purpose. 

Sample 4. Character Reference Letter for Bank

Character Reference Letter for Bank


It is very normal and the known scenario which we all know about that when an individual goes to the bank in order to get his/her account open then the Bank directly asks for the guarantee of any person, who knows that person well. Once the other person introduces that person to the Bank only after that the Bank opens the account for that person. 

In a similar way, this type of letter for the Bank is the letter in which the Bank asks for the reference letter for a character in the context of the person who is related to the Bank in any manner, which may be in the context of loan applier.

Here the Bank accepts this only from the person who knows the character of such concerned person in a very well manner, since on the basis of this letter the Bank allows such person, to make the transactions with the Bank. You can get this letter for Bank from here. 

Sample 5. Character reference Letter from Employer

Character reference Letter from Employer


We have above discussed that the employer may ask the character letter from any person who might be applying for the job to that particular employer. Here we are going to reverse that scenario since here this letter is to be issued from the employer itself. 

It happens when an existing employee is working under the employer, and in that case it becomes obvious that the employer of that employee must have been aware with the character of the employee.

This is when the employer may issue this letter for that employee in which the employer may mention the character of the employee. You can get thisletter from the employer from here and use it in your own way.

Character Reference Letter Template in PDF

Sample Character Reference Template 

Download here

As we have discussed it above that this letter these days is asked almost by every big employment companies since it works like a guaranty in the context of the character of the employee, who is applying for the job. This is the reason why these days this letter is having a very huge demand in the corporate sectors and we are here providing you with the sample of this reference letter.

This sample will provide you an insight that how this letter is actually used and how you can make the most of this letter. You can get this sample of character reference template from here and later can use it to make the character reference for any concerned person.

When we talk or say the word PDF we directly get in the digital world since the PDF is one such format, which holds its validity or the recognition only in the digital world. PDF basically stands for the portable document file, and it implies that being the electronic or the digital format file you can easily carry this letter PDF it from the one device to the other. 

When we use the term PDF in the context of this letter we imply the digital format of this letter.  We know that these days the things take place in the digital scenario and similarly the character letter is also written and sent on these digital platforms. 

Considering this fact the significance of the reference letter for a character in the PDF format even gets higher. So, if you are looking for this letter PDF format then you can get it from here.